New to the Warehouse #3

Good morning reader,

We have a whole heap of books that have come into the warehouse over the last couple of days that I want to share with you all. I think you are going to really like some of these books that have recently arrived into the warehouse.

If your looking for something for the kids to read before they head to school, we have a great educational book on animals for them. If you are looking for something intriguing and real about Australian wars, then we have something for you too. If you’re into music, and really who isn’t? Well we have a great book on the story of The Rolling Stones. And for all you Manly Sea Eagle fan, we have a 2018 football calendar that you are going to love.

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New to the Warehouse #2

It’s a new day, new week, so that means new books have come into the warehouse. We have some pretty great books that have just come into the warehouse that I want to share with all of you. A couple of books for the kids, something for those who like to knit and for all you soccer (wait, what do we call it now? Football?) fans out there, we have a great big book of the life and legacy of the one and only Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary coach of Manchester United.
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Foodie Friday 

It’s Friday afternoon, its been a long week. 

Heading to the beach to cool off or relaxing with a good wine and friends or spending the night in with a good book might be in the cards for the night. 

Whatever you want to do tonight and for the rest of this week, make sure you get yourself a copy ‘Surf Cafe Living’ by Jane and Myles Lamberth.

Filled with tips and tricks to have fun days out and amazing fresh food with easy to follow recipes.

Grab your copy from

Have an awesome weekend.

Until next time…

New to the Warehouse #1 for 2018

It’s the first proper working Tuesday for 2018 and with it comes Woodslane’s very first New to the Warehouse. I hope that you all liked the weekly posts which I added every Tuesday last year as I will be continuing the posts weekly, bringing you fresh, new and replenished stock that has just come into the warehouse.

These are just four of the books we have in the warehouse right now:

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